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At World of Cannabis, our mission is to document and preserve the modern history of cannabis by collecting and protecting some of our culture’s most significant artwork, antiques, and artifacts, then displaying them to the public in as engaging, entertaining, and educational manner as possible.


We aim to peel away the layers of myth and misinformation and present the truest possible history of cannabis—as illustrated by the actual items and first-hand accounts of the legendary figures that were involved. 


The history of the cannabis plant and its many uses by humanity dates back thousands of years and is well documented by historians and anthropologists. In fact, there are already a few museums devoted to it. Our vision, however, has a more specific focus: particularly, that of cannabis culture in the modern age.  


The World of Cannabis Museum will showcase the influence of cannabis in art, music, film, news, politics, science and ??? throughout the past century. From the early days of prohibition and "reefer madness," to its modern-day mainstream influence and everything in between. From the rise of the legendary growers and breeders who created and propagated all of the popular strains, to the smugglers who distributed them across the globe. From the activists who have fought for legalization, to the celebrities who have embraced it. From the counterculture of the 1960s and excesses of the 70s, to the Drug War hysteria of the 80s, to the rise of medical marijuana in the 90s, and the march toward legalization and mainstream acceptance into the new millennium. Whether at America’s headshops or Amsterdam’s coffeeshops, from Hempfest to the Cannabis Cup. 


We are currently still in the planning stage of this historic endeavor, and the location of the museum has not yet been determined. Our ultimate goal is to take this unprecedented exhibition on the road—showcasing it in a number of major cities across Europe and the United States over the next several years. To be informed when we announce our launch, please join our mailing list (see right). In the meantime, you can learn about various items from our collection—and about cannabis history in general—through our blog, podcast and video series (coming soon) called Cannthropology



We are proud to offer our content at the following fine cannabis media outlets:



Executive Director

Bobby Black

Founder / Curator

An infamous icon of marijuana media. Former senior editor, columnist, and 21-year veteran of High Times magazine. Former editor for Sensi and GreenLeaf magazines. Host of the potcast Blazin' With Bobby Black and former host of Contact High on Sirius Radio. Co-founder of Higher Way Travel. Bobby's quarter century as a cannabis journalist and personality make him the ideal choice to head the museum.

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Jair Velleman



We are honored to count these legendary figures in the cannabis community among the contributors to the World of Cannabis museum project.

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John Sinclair

Legendary Activist/Poet


Richard Cusick

High Times / NORML


Sam Skunkman

Breeding Legend


Pat Ryan

Counterculture Artist

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